Vessel count ModdedScienceStock
In game 4851176
In backup 1242561201
Player count 0 / 200 / 201 / 20
Players Corvus_V_Corax
Port 670367046702
DMP version 1e21a5bd1e21a5bd1e21a5bd
KSP version 1.4.3 1.4.3 1.4.3
939 visitors
19-21:44 Santy1330_2
20-00:43 GU416
20-07:57 tc2142
20-17:45 Michel_0
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21-02:23 Sarcasma
21-02:24 Michel_0
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Chat 21-10:06

17-18:29 Sarcasma: Nothing was changed. And my car is a permanent vessel I put at KSC as a test, if you damage it, it gets restored on its own. It should ready be restored by now.
17-19:01 EpicSpaceTroll139: Huh. Makes sense
17-19:36 EpicSpaceTroll139: Funnily enough, it seems that your car was restored, but the two halves of the broken car remain. So now there is 1 and two halve cars
17-19:37 Michel_0: do you guys know a way to combine kerbnet views to a single map? the kerbnet only views the direct area underneath the vessel.
17-20:54 Sarcasma: yeah when they separate, each becomes its own unique ship, it probably has something to do with the name, as i also put NNS in the name
18-17:33 PrimoDev: Michel 0 the kerbnet acces is "op", it tells you all the anomalies, the ore, altitude and everything so its normal you can't get the full map in kerbnet view
19-00:49 SSJ Solar: hey everyone how are things sorry i havin been on its been real busy but hop i can get back on soon
19-02:55 Sarcasma: I was just watching a new episode of cops, and the guy they arrested was wearing a SpaceX hat, free advertising lol
19-13:05 : how can i connect t othe server
19-14:25 SuperTemich: Anyone playing?

LMP Stock Server

I have started a LMP server for players who wish to use that. It is compatible with KSP 1.4.3. The server is running LMP version 0.10.46

Visit to download the client and for more information. You can find it in the built in LMP server list when you launch the game.

LMP Server Address : & Port : 8800

Restore a vessel back to server

Find the vessel that you want to restore in the backup list of Modded or Science or Stock server and enter the 8 character ID of that vessel in the green little box below. Vessels older than 30 days are deleted from backup. Vessel ID looks something like this: 93e5a382


Please do not delete other players' work. Deleting other people's vessels is a prohibited offense! You will be banned if caught. All bans are final and permanent.

You may destroy your own ships and vessels, and anyone's who has given you express permission.
Naturally you can recover vessels from KSC runway and launch pad if they are preventing you from launching or repairing KSC buildings.
It's also ok to delete the BDA missiles on modded server.

Anyone assigned as a cleaner can delete abandoned interplanetary ships, spammed vessels or probes, and Island cleanup from time to time. This includes damaged and unusable vessels.

Spamming any vessel in the server is now prohibited. We will permanently ban players for this. It is ok to launch several of the same ships, but not all in the same place or at the same time.

Modded server

Modded server contains the following mods:

To install all these mods, download them using the links above and place them in your GameData folder. Make sure the mod is compatible with your version of KSP. You could also use CKAN to install these mods from a list. This can be found here. Don't delete the Squad or DarkMultiPlayer folders under your GameData, but instead just add the mods' folders next to them.

If you are using a part mod not on the list, the vessel will not sync to the server. You can continue to use it, it simply won't save.

Note, you can only see other players in game if you both have the same mods installed on the vessels in use. For example, if a friend is using BD Armory and you don't have that mod, you will not be able to see your friends vessel. You must both have the mod.

Our modded server will automatically delete vessels that contain the resource ReplacementParts.


If you can't connect to a server and instead get an error message saying Handshake failure: Invalid key for user, your name is already taken, which means you need to change your player name.
Before updating DMP, remember to back up the folder GameData\DarkMultiPlayer\Plugins\Data because your player key is stored there and if you lose it, you'll have to change your name again.

Only ships within close proximity to your own (2.3 - 2.7 km) load into your game, deleting vessels anywhere else than KSC will not reduce lag.

The safety bubble has been set 10 x above normal to reduce lag at KSC. This means you must leave KSC (1 km from launch pad) before others can see your vessel.

Our servers will automatically delete uncontrolled vessels that are landed or splashed within 20 km from KSC. If you want to prevent the server from deleting your rover that is within 20 km from KSC, put NNS as a part of its name.

Vessels that no one has controlled in 3 days are deleted automatically, but you can restore them back in the yellow box above. Flags are an exception and are deleted 30 days after it was last controlled.
Purpose of this is to make room for new vessels without the need for complete server wipes. It is also difficult for humans to tell which vessels have been forgotten and no one has controlled in a while.

Vessels with the default name Untitled Space Craft or with name 1111111111 (10 or more 1's) are deleted from our servers automatically. This means that you have to give your vessel a name if you want it to stay on our servers.
On the other hand if you just want to make a quick test vessel and want it to be deleted automatically, just leave the default name, or name it 1111111111111111. That way you don't have to clean up your mess if your vessel crashes and breaks into pieces.

Almost none of the above applies for the Science server, which is unique, a place like no other, where each vessel lasts for 30 days, safety bubble is small, vessels are not automatically deleted near KSC and debris is deleted only once every 24 hours. Our Science server still benefits from the ability to restore vessels.

Usually there's 20 asteroids on each of our servers. If a server has more than 50 asteroids, the untracked ones will be deleted automatically.

Type /help into the above chat box.


We have a TeamSpeak 3 server available for voip:


If you would like to donate, you can do it at or by PayPal to (Maximum 5$). All donations go towards the cost of hosting the server in Chicago on a dedicated machine. The server is hosted on NFO's virtual machines. We've been hosting KSP DMP servers since 2015.

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